Network event - TU Berlin
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Hey, nice to have you take the survey to register for the event if you would like!

All students are cordially invited to do so. Regardless of your level of knowledge about the BerlHG or university law, you can contribute to the meeting with your experience as a student and / or as a committed person at the TU.

The network event, initiated by students from the TU Berlin, is scheduled for June 17. and takes place online from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. The following survey supports us a lot in our preparations and is intended to offer space for further ideas and suggestions that will be included in the planning of the event. :)

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Based on your choice of topic, you will be assigned to this topic at the network value meeting.

Which university topics are you interested in apart from the above which should be also discussed at the topic tabels?

Are you committed to the university (student initiative / cafe / committee / other)?

Are you going to take part in the event? Then we need your contact details in order to inform you promptly about the specific process, the digital "location" of the meeting.

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In addition, the event link is shared via the FB event (, which everyone can always fall back on.

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