GPP experts questionnaire to examine the current paths for public procurement of energy-efficient cloud computing services
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"Energy-efficient Cloud Computing Technologies and Policies for an Eco-friendly Cloud Market" – SMART 2018/0028

"Energy-efficient Cloud Computing Technologies and Policies for an Eco-friendly Cloud Market" – SMART 2018/0028

In recent years the demand for cloud services has grown exponentially contributing to a sharp increase in the energy demand to manage the cloud. By 2030, data centers could account for around 8% of the world's energy consumption. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the digital transformation of the European society can be managed in a way that supports the agreed emission reduction targets set out in the Paris Agreement.

This study “Energy-efficient Cloud Computing Technologies and Policies for an Eco-friendly Cloud Market” aims to support the development of energy efficiency cloud computing services, among others in public procurement. The recommendations, criteria and best practices will target public procurers in the EU member states and will be meant as a supportive tool to pave the way to the procurement of energy efficient cloud services, i.e. to support the preparation of public tenders for cloud services.

In particular, the scope of this study includes the cloud, which includes different cloud models (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, FaaS) , the cloud computing infrastructure (such as Data center, Switches, Server, Storage, etc.), the cloud service models (Storage, Network, Database, Security, Communication, Collaboration, Video, Integration, File Management, Process as a Service), and the cloud deployment models (Private-, Public-, Community-, Hybrid-, Inter-Cloud). Are excluded from the scope of this investigation IT equipment such as monitors, laptops, PCs, thin systems, scanners, imaging equipment, routers, etc. and more in general end-users devise.

As you are a renowned expert in the field of Green Public Procurement, we would greatly appreciate your expert opinion as a participant in our study. Your input would help to provide specific insights for better implementation of policies and practices in the area of Green Public Procurement for energy-efficient cloud computing services in Europe. In addition, as an expert participant in our study, you would receive first-hand access to our results.
We would like to conduct an expert interview with you by means of this questionnaire. Please compile it until 30.06.2019 the latest. The completion of the questionnaire will take about 20- 30 minutes.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the study, please do not hesitate to contact the project team at / or visit the following website:

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