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International Market Entry of the Social Enterprise [eyd] - Humanitarian Clothing
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Welcome to our survey!

Nice to meet you! We're super happy you're here taking our 10 minute survey - you are a great help!

We are [eyd]. We produce clothes not only organic and fair, but go even further. [eyd] employs women, who have been freed from human trafficking and forced prostitution. For more information go to
The aim of our international market entry is to improve our sales and be able to accommodate and rehabilitate more women. For this we need your help as an expert for sustainable consumption!

Don't think we're going to let you leave empty handed. Take this survey and have a chance at WINNING a Bombasic T-Shirt from [eyd]. And don’t worry, your data is just for contacting you in case you won or you'd like to have the results of our survey. It will not be passed on and will be deleted, as soon as our research has ended.

Please answer the questions in all conscience, if you're not able to answer something or you are unsure, just go on to the next question. Every opinion and every little input counts for us. Thank you so much for your time and input!

Support [eyd] in the fulfillment of its social mission and contribute to the rehabilitation of women!