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Corona Questionnaire Data Centre
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Data Centre and COVID 19 – Background Research

As the coronavirus slowdown started, the physical economy went down but digital businesses and digital tools for our professional and private life have seen a tremendous uptake. For our research on sustainable data centres, we like to better understand the effects the coronavirus pandemic have and had on the operation and future development of the data centre business.

We would therefore highly appreciate your support and help for our research. Please help us by making the survey credible by the number of responses and forward the link to our survey to other colleagues working in the data centre business.

The questionnaire has a focus on Europe but will address the worldwide community. Answering the questionnaire will need about 10 minutes.

We will not store any personal details from the person completing the questionnaire.

The questionnaire is composed of about 30 questions covering the following topics:
A General questions
B Data traffic
C Data centre operation
D Communication
E Investment and market
F Hygiene measures

If you cannot answer all questions, even a partial completion of the questionnaire will be helpful. All individual answers will be treated fully confidential. All results will be anonymized and aggregated, so that they cannot be tracked back to any individual company or person. All results will be published and made available free of charge.
If you have any question please contact us with the subject line “Coronavirus Survey” at the E-Mail address

We thank you for your kind support of our research.

Kind regards
Prof. Dr. Peter Radgen
Dirk Turek MSc.