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APWPT has been requested by the European ECC (Electronic Communications Committee) Frequency Management FM51 to provide information on available equipment and the percentage use in the available frequency bands as part of its work on use of the 470-694MHz band for WRC 23.
This questionnaire is about audio-PMSE (wireless microphones, IEM's, InterCom, Talkbacks,...) only. The term “audio” covers this range of equipment in the following document

APWPT wurde von der europäischen Frequenzregulierungsgruppe FM51 (PMSE) beauftragt, Informationen über die Verfügbarkeit von Geräten und deren Nutzung in deren verfügbaren Frequenzbereichen zu liefern.
Diese Umfrage betrifft die audio Komponenten: audio-PMSE (drahtlose Mikrofone, InEarMonitoring, Intercom, Talkbacks...)


Please select your field of work / who you are... *

If you own equipment, e.g. PA rental / Theatres / fixed installations...:
How much audio equipment do you own per frequency band?

In case you are someone planning events, e.g. a Frequency Planner, Frequency Manager, Sound Engineer:
Which frequency bands did you plan or use during the latest events?

Please take only equipment (or events) into account, which was in use in the last three years

  is it high quality spectrum / perfect for use ?
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please add comments, if you rated a frequency band with '--' telling that this band is not easy to use or that it is not a good quality spectrum

... or add any other comment related to frequency bands

... e.g. are you using different or additional bands?

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Which equipment type is used in which frequency band?

You can select several options

29,7-47 MHz 174-216 MHz 380 - 470 MHz 470-694 MHz 694-790 MHz 823-832 MHz 863-865 MHz 960-1164 MHz (UK) 1350-1400 MHz 1518-1525 MHz 1785-1805 MHz DECT 1880-1900 MHz 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi other

In case you have an own stock (e.g. PA rentals, Theatres ...): How many units do you have in stock?

In case you coordinate and plan events: (example event) How many units were in use?

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